W.E.E.E. collection and treatment service

Following the publication of the Decree No. 2014-928 of 8/19/2014 (which transposes the European Directive No. 2012/19 / EU of 4 July 2012 published in the Official Journal on 24 July 2012) and to continue its engagement in the compliance with these regulations implemented since 2005, DIAM INDUSTRIES has set up a WEEE collection and treatment service for its clients.

For all electrical and electronic equipment sold by DIAM INDUSTRIES, and according to the Environmental Code (Article R543-128-4 and Articles R543-195 to R543-206), DIAM INDUSTRIES ensures the organization and funding of the collection and treatment for waste from electrical and electronic professional equipment it sold since 13 August 2005, in the conditions stipulated in the Environmental Code, Article R543-200.

This service is available free of charge for all DIAM INDUSTRIES clients, from a removal threshold of 400 kg of waste, packaged on a pallet loading and unconstrained by contacting:

Tel :  +33 (0)


Corina Orphanou corina.orphanou@recystempro.com

Or Frédéric SANCHEZ frederic.sanchez@recystempro.com

For devices placed on the market before 13 August 2005, users remove and treat, at their expense, the waste from this electrical and electronic professional equipment.

In accordance with the Article N° R. 543-196, DIAM INDUSTRIES provides a certificate under the conditions defined in the Article N° R.543-197-I and forwards it annually to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Producer National Register established pursuant to Article R. 543-202.

For further information on the WEEE regulations and DIAM INDUDTRIES’s compliance, do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0)